Considering a Dinner Party? Stefanie C. Recommends Taverna Blu!

Thanks to Stefanie C. on Yelp who visited our Irvine location for a colleague’s going away dinner party. Her 5-star review encompasses many aspects of the Taverna Blu experience – including customer service, food & drinks, atmosphere and serving skill!

She says:

“I have been here several times as I work in the Spectrum area and had such great service and such delicious food I decided that this would be a great place to have a going away party for a colleague. First of all, the owner George, is amazing. He took the time out to call me, to make sure of exactly what I wanted in terms of food, seating, drinks, everything. He made some great recommendations on what to order for large groups and my group was really happy with the result. We sat outside and even though the temp was quite cold, those heaters are fantastic and I was warm the entire time. We were waited on by Nadine and she was phenomenal, couldn’t have asked for better service, and as a 7 year serving veteran, I don’t give that compliment lightly. Prices were great, especially during happy hour and those appetizer sampler platters are huge and delicious, totally worth it!”