Angela A.

“George and Mary K have done it again!!  This new taverna is a great addition to the San Diego Greek restaurant scene.  It is the perfect blend of Greek and California cuisine and the prices can not be beat.  There were four of us and we ordered calamari, hummus, feta fries, mama ganoush, Greek tacos, lamb shank dinner, chicken and shrimp kabob dinner.  I didn’t even have to ask my fellow diners if they were enjoying their food because there was very little conversation happening and a lot of smiling and sharing of food.  Everything was very good.

Ok specifics, first I’d like to share for those of you who have not traveled to Greece that in a taverna you always start with small plates or mezedes (appetizers).  Taverna Blu mirrors this extremely well with a substantial portion of the menu dedicated to these small plates.  There are options for every taste and wallet.  You can have $3 to $6 appetizers.  They are priced perfectly so that you can order as many as you want without breaking the bank.  We loved each appetizer we ordered, big hit was the calamari we ordered a second one.  The Greek tacos are the perfect greek/cali fusion food, I highly recommend the gyros ones.  Mama Ganoush is a really light dip that you can use to add to your tacos too!!!

The dinners we ordered were completely on point.  The lamb shank was fall off the bone delicious, made the way my Greek mother has made over the years, but THEN it was paired with the most delicious grilled veggies.  The veggies were chunky and lightly grilled, just enough to open up the natural oils and flavors, they were still crunchy.  I chose the garlic mash as my starch option and OH YES, this is the California version of skordalia and it was so good.  I have ordered this  downtown, paid twice the $$ and it wasn’t half as good.  Hubby ordered the chicken and shrimp kabobs, he was unnaturally quiet through dinner and finished his meal before any of us.  He already asked when we are coming back.  A must have dessert is the baklava sundae.  The vanilla ice cream compliments the baklava perfectly.  If you are a dessert person or not you will love this ending to dinner.  We ordered cappuccinos to go with dessert and I have to say made impeccably.

There are many wonderful wines and beers to choose from.  I was really happy to see some excellent Greek wines on the menu and most of them are available by the glass.  There is a very welcoming bar area where you can join a friend and have a glass or two with some of this amazing food.  There is also a pet friendly patio.  I ran into 2 separate groups of Greek friends there and everyone was having a wonderful time. So for the San Diego Greeks or non Greeks with refined palates this is a no brainer.” -Angela L.