M. E.

“Not only is the food here awesome and super fresh, but the staff is great too. I’m always super busy, so I call in my order a lot and I can practically be parking & call it in, and it’ll be ready by the time I get into the place. I picked up an order one time & one of my orders hadn’t been completed. I called & talked to the manager, Aggie, and he was SO awesome. I didn’t really want to go back because I was already home and tired, so he told me to come in whenever and he would take care of it. When I went back the next day, he remembered me by name AND face. Not only did they give me my full order, with the missing portion from the day before for free, but Aggie discounted my entire order 50% off. That was super nice and totally unnecessary. It’s unheard of for any place to be so accommodating and go above & beyond that way these days. Every time I go in or call now, Aggie and the one girl who works at the front (I don’t know her name!) both remember me and are so nice. They go out of their way to say hi. I will continue to be a return customer!” -M. E.